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Who we are

Our history

It is difficult to define us because we are constantly changing, just like a child in the first years of life. We grow up adapting to the changes occurring in our society and market, always pursuing one big dream:

to make children happy every day,
providing parents with quality and safety.

Our Values


Fun goes hand in hand with safety.

Through toys we learn to explore the world, acquire new skills, interact with others, develop imagination and creativity.


We change by staying the same

We stick to our values and commitment, always remembering that every transformation can become an opportunity for growth and improvement.


We share with honesty

We strongly identify with the structure of our company.a. I Entirely made of glassevery detail or corner is easily visible. Nothing is concealed; on the contrary, everything is shown sharply.

Who plays, dreams


Leave an imprint in the hearts of children
and families with increasingly
fun and sustainable projects


Keeping all children entertained with trendy, safe and design toys.

Our clients