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Barbie action movie is coming

Rumors about the production of a film entirely dedicated to Barbie have been circulating since 2009 but due to various setbacks the project never got off the ground. Things changed by 2021 when director Greta Gerwig agreed to direct the first live action about the most famous doll ever existed. The official news of the film’s release came out in July 2021, exactly two years before the release date in all theaters worldwide, set for July 20, 2023.
The cast includes numerous stars, including Margot Robbie as Barbie and Ryan Gosling as Ken.

The plot is about life in the fantasy world of Barbie Land, the ideal place to live but on one condition: to be perfect. In the film Barbie is expelled because she no longer fits properly to the place. Then our protagonist decides to set off on an adventure into the outside world, the real world, full of imperfections.

Everyone expects that the movie is going to be a great success, and the data of the impact on viewers at the release of the first two trailers seem to confirm this.
The first teaser was released on December 17th last year and since then there has been nothing but talk about Barbie and her pink, pop and bubbly aesthetic. The Barbiecore has even invaded the runways of some of the most fashionable designers, such as Valentino.
The new trailer, released in mid-April, has already reached more than 1.75 billion people worldwide with over 1.7 million mentions and tags on social media.

We will see if the film will meet the high expectations of the audience. We are definitely going to the movies to see it.


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